Forward Agenda 2019

London Higher Europe will continue to run multiple events in both Brussels and London to help member institutions make the most of the opportunities presented by European engagement.

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Next Workshop: Engaging with SMEs in the European Context

Thursday 22nd February 2018. London Higher Europe will be running a workshop in London looking at best-practice when having SMEs as partners in projects. This half-day event will be run by Mr Lance Leverette, expert in research commercialisation and SME coaching.

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External Opportunities and Events 2017

Part of our role at London Higher Europe is identifying opportunities for our members to network, stay informed and apply for EU funding. Using our networks we have identified several upcoming external events that might interest our members.

For any questions or suggestions please email 

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Forward Agenda 2017

London Higher Europe has a busy few months ahead, with multiple events and training sessions in both Brussels and London.

We encourage you to read the forward agenda and, if you have any thoughts or would like to partner with us, email 

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EU Design Days 2017

Through our membership of the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) London Higher Europe is supporting the 6th annual EU Design Days, a three day event which will bring together specialists from the fields of education and research, design and design management, policymaking and politics to inspire change at a city and regional level and set a new agenda going forward.

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Health by Numbers: Busting the Myths around Big Data and Healthcare in Europe

This panel discussion brings together policy, research and practice in E-health with a particular focus on understanding the current state of the art in research and how research interacts with the policy landscape.
24th May 2017 from 10.00 to 13.00, followed by lunch at London House (Rue du Trône 108, Brussels).


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Border Stories: From there to here. How innovative research into personal experiences can help the EU address Intra EU mobility and Third Country Migration

This event on 3rd of February 2016 from 9.30 to 13.00, followed by lunch at London House (rue du Trône 108, Brussels) brings together policy, research and practice in migration studies with a particular focus on understanding the social context of migration and migrants, both at home and in their new countries.

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University Research Administrators - Developing your EU funding skills: institutions, lobbying, funding and networks

As domestic research budgets continue to become more concentrated it is becoming increasingly important for UK universities to look to EU sources of funding. The researchers and research administrators of the future will need to be adept in working the levers of EU funding and, indeed, funding policy. This two-day mission for LHE members to Brussels is targeted at research administrators and support staff with little prior experience of working in an EU context.

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Future Proof Food: putting less in, getting more out – supply chain partnerships & the holistic approach to food sustainability

How can we use less resources in making our food and how can we diversify production to alternative and healthy sources of nutrition? This event will aim at bringing together policy, research and practice in these fields in a discussion with speakers from London Universities, the European Commission and the food industry.

Join us on 5 February 2015 from 10.00 to 13.00, followed by lunch, at London House (rue du Trône 108, Brussels).

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