Forward Agenda 2017

Planned Events:

​This is the full list of our 2017 events!

19 -20 September (Brussels): EU Design Days 2017. London Higher Europe is supporting ERRIN in the EU Design Days this year, which gathers hundreds of specialists from the fields of education, research, design and policymaking to inspire change at a city and regional level. Participating LHE members will get unparalleled access to this event, plus the opportunity to lead on discussions and seminars. For more information please email


September 7 2017 (London – 15:00Hrs): Second Brexit Briefing, London. Tracking the path of UK-EU relations since the referendum, and implications for UK universities. This briefing of the Steering Group will be provided once again by London’s European Office. For more information email


October 17-18 2017 (London):  European Project Coordinators Meeting, London. We intend to run a meeting for European Project Coordinators designed to build capacity and exchange experiences. This is potentially being run in conjunction with the European Community of Project Managers and Administrators (ECPMA). For more information please email


November 15-16 2017 (London): Commercialising your Research in the European Context, Workshop in London/ Brussels. This event will focus on equipping the attendees with a better understanding of how knowledge transfer works across Europe and the tools and networks on offer to maximise the options for London’s universities. For more information email


November 20-24 (Brussels): Horizon 2020 Project Development Week. In view of the publication of the Horizon 2020 2018-2020 Work Programs, LHE is working with ERRIN organizing a full week of Project Development workshops. This event will give researchers the chance to lead a bid if they have a project idea, or gain experience from joining a project. Please email for more details and visit to register by 11th September 2017.


December 6-7 2017 (Brussels): Early Career Researchers Study Trip. We previously proposed to run a research administrators trip in December, however there are already a number of early career researchers on our reserve list and the LHE delivery team thought it prudent to run another ECR trip instead.  For more information please email


​To collaborate on any of these events, or to suggest new events, don't hestiate to get in contact.