HiPerDNO (High Performance Computing Technologies for Smart Distribution Network Operation)

Future electricity distribution networks with mass deployment of network equipment sensors and instrumentation, millions of smart meters, small-scale embedded generation, and responsive load will generate vast amounts of data requiring near to real-time analysis. Cloud and grid computing will enable scalable data mining, feature extraction, and near to real-time state estimation. These and other high performance computing  tools and techniques have been recently developed to cost-effectively solve large scale computational challenges in areas such as genomics, biomedicine, particle physics and other major scientific and engineering fields that require similarly scalable communications, computation and data analysis. Based on such recent success it was the aim of this research project is to develop a new generation of distribution network management systems that exploit novel near to real-time high performance computing (HPC) solutions with inherent security and intelligent communications for smart distribution network operation and management.

HiPerDNO project has successfully designed, built, and demonstrated a cost-effective, scalable and secure high performance computing platform, developed and demonstrated a secure high-speed messaging system to transmit scalable volumes of data. It has created new algorithms for network state estimation, voltage control, and service restoration  for distribution networks, and  conducted off-line field trials in Spain, Slovenia, and the UK.

The project was coordinated by the Brunel University and involved 11 partners from 6 European countries, including power networks providers from UK, Germany, Spain and Slovenia.

Name of Project Contact:

Prof  Gareth Taylor