International Business research at LSBU maintains strong links with the renowned Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS).

This research consolidates work in international business to focus on the two key areas of employment relations and human resource management.

This research group has continued to expand its activity by developing further international collaboration and building capacity in terms of research active staff and postgraduate students. There are two key themes of the work currently undertaken by the group.

The first theme is employment relations research. The group has a long standing interest in this area and the research has a strong comparative element focused on four key contemporary themes within the area: employee voice, conflict management, work life issues, and employment relations in SMEs. More recent work focusing on African employment relations is developing further the comparative element.

The second theme is the exploration of the political and institutional environment of business and there has been a considerable contribution to the institutions of global economic relations and political elites. Other work is focusing on the role of social enterprise and developing synergies in this broad area.

The Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS) was established in 1992 in order to foster excellence in research, teaching and consultancy in the field of International Business and provides a centre of gravity for much of the research work across the Faculty.

Name of Project Contact:

Dr Stephen Barber