YouthGuides capacity building and cooperation for visual artists through digital place making with young people

Youth Guides is concerned with digital place making in Europe and beyond. It brings together creative organisations from the UK, Lithuania, Spain, Latvia, Bangladesh and Brasil to engage through art with disenfranchised young people. Facilitated by artists,  young project participants will learn to audio-visually document their neighbourhoods and by doing so acquire new skills in creative imagination, sound, imaging and digital media in workshops held in each partner location. They will construct interactive websites about their neighbourhoods that form part of a YouthGuides hub, and offer an alternative visitor information source. This visual sharing of each others’ places and ways of life will be complemented by a moderated blog that enables the young participants to talk about their interests and concerns, facilitated by translation, that helps them to cross boundaries in their thinking, value other experiences and perspectives, and that opens up future possibilities for creative exchange and civil engagement.

Know-how and skills from Europe and other parts of the world will be brought together in a dynamic and sustainable learning resource for creative practitioners to share and advance expertise in socially engaged art and creative facilitation, and to stimulate greater participation of deprived youth in cultural activities, identification and place making.

The Youth Guides project will set up the transnational resource, develop the technology using open source approaches, and test methodologies for participatory creative engagement in a range of cultural settings across Europe and beyond. The introduction of new know-how and insights will inform and enhance European experience.

Name of Project Contact:

Dr. Loraine Leeson