Ravensbourne has a worldwide reputation for its education at higher levels in innovation in digital media and design. The organisation also has a core team of world-leading researchers, and an emerging research agenda that spans both applied and basic research in the field of emerging technologies and practices connected with media and design. 

Ravensbourne's research interests include:

  • Emerging media and communication technologies, distribution (including streaming), and production aesthetics. 
  • Media and communications policy at UK and European levels. 
  • Learning Innovation (including online learning and mobile learning).
  • Exploring the use of the third dimension in screen-based media, rapid prototyping, photography, and the augmentation of three-dimensional forms.
  • Interactive and user-centered design for products and services including wearable computing and fashion product design. 
  • Architecture for future cities, including tall buildings, ecologically responsive buildings and user-centered design practices which support the public realm. 

Our research practice is likely to involve collaborating with academia and industry at all levels. We have existing partnerships with international corporate bodies (Barclays, Ogilvy) and small to medium-sized enterprises (SME's) in the UK, Europe, and internationally. We also welcome collaborations with other researchers from across Europe and internationally, and have formal research relationships with Birkbeck (University of London), Pratt School of Art and Design (New York), and the Hamburg Media School.

Our technical facilities and geographical location assist partnership-working as our London-based campus is next to The O2 in the Greenwich Peninsula, fifteen minutes away from City Airport, 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport, and 30 minutes from the Eurostar. We are on the fast Jubilee line to central London (15 minutes) and next to the new Emirates Airline, which links us to East London.



London Higher Europe Contact:

Professor Lizzie Jackson, Head of Research
+44 (0)780 872 5141

Hamburg - London: Senior Executive eCulture Summer School, July, 2014

A collaborative Summer School for senior executives from the City of Hamburg, museums, galleries, and other cultural and entertainment sectors on how to take advantage of digital technologies and practices. The Summer School was organised in collaboration with The Vasari Centre at Birkbeck, University of London. Senior academics and industry figures came together to review and discuss case studies and overall trends. The overall aim was to encourage ongoing collaboration between the cities of London and Hamburg. 45 participants attended over the four days at Ravensbourne on the Greenwich Peninsula and at the University of London. The seminar also included visits to museums and galleries across London, and a programme of evening cultural events. The eCulture Summer School – it is hoped – will become an annual event and extend outwards to include the city of Florence in July 2015. Name of Project Contact: Professor Lizzie Jackson and Dr Catherine Maffioletti.   Lizzie.jackson@rave.ac.uk ...

3D Creative Summit

A two-day ‘Creative Summit’ at the British Film Institute (BFI) organised in partnership with the i3Ds Society with drawing together international researchers and filmmakers who specialise in 3-D stereoscopic media. Over 35 researchers from Europe, the USA and Canada presented work that spanned the aesthetics of production but also emerging cameras and visualization techniques. Alongside this, directors and cinematographers showed work in progress (Starlingrad, shot in Russia was a particular highlight), and the use of emerging processes connected with virtual production, CGI, VFX and storytelling to exploit the third dimension. Name of Project Contact: Carrie Wooten   c.wooten@rave.ac.uk   http://www.3dcreativesummit.com   ...