Brexit Update: UK Science Minister Sam Gyimah restates Desire for Continued International Collaboration post-Brexit

Sam reiterated Theresa May's promise to ensure that the international diversity of the scientific community in the UK does not drop below 50% international researchers. This is to ensure that the benefits of cross-border collaboration remain. 

Most notably however he spoke of the Government's desire for the option of full association to the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe. Echoing Theresa May's speech last week, he stated numerous times that this access would need to come with an equal measure of influence over the shape of the programme, and a fair price.

"Having the option to fully associate allows us to offer the very best of collaboration on science, research and innovation to our EU counterparts. Currently all Member States pay in to the pot to access Horizon 2020 and will continue to do so for Horizon Europe.

Full association would mean a particular amount – of course it’s too early in our discussions to put a figure on what this would be but based on existing precedents it would be billions of euros."


Sam also stated the desire of the UK Government to remain part of the European medicines agency but, despite being two years into the Brexit process, was unable to comment further.