ERC Consolidator Results 2018: How well did the UK do?

The European Research Council is a flagship European funding programme. It is awarded to individual researchers based solely on scientific excellence and is focused on tackling some of the biggest global challenges.

This round of awards was a particularly good one for researchers being hosted by British institutions, showing that UK research institutes are still providing a highly attractive environment for researchers. The UK was by far the most popular location for ERC grantees to conduct their work, with 55 researchers heading to the UK under this latest round. This was followed by Germany with 38, France 32 and Switzerland with 29. The vast majority of these researchers are not British by nationality and come from all over the world to work in a UK institution. Despite the current context, the UK research ecosystem remains a powerhouse within Europe.

A special congratulations to Lindiwe Dovey, Alena Rettová, Tian Yuan Tan, from SOAS University of London who all won a consolidator grant in this round. SOAS is a member of London Higher Europe and we’re delighted that they have been so successful this year.

The ERC offers four core grant schemes for researchers in different stages of their career; Starting, Consolidator, Advanced and Synergy Grants. The Consolidator grants are for mid-stage researchers and worth around 2 million EUR each. 

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