UK Government Guarantees EU Funding for Projects awarded Post-Brexit

The UK Government had previously committed to underwriting projects until March 2019, so this extension allows universities, businesses, charities and other organisations to begin preparations for applications to the 2020 calls for proposals.

This Government underwrite covers all EU Commission-administered funds, such as Horizon 2020, as well as those administered by UK Government bodies but paid for through the EU budget, for example structural funds. The underwriting covers costs for the entire length of the projects, some of which run for more than 5 years.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond said:

“We continue to make positive steps towards getting the best possible deal with the EU – one that works for the whole of the UK. The guarantee we are making today however means that, even in the unlikely event of a no-deal, our businesses, universities and local authorities can be confident that they will continue to receive the funding they successfully bid for from any EU programme.”

This comes in the context of the announcement three weeks ago that EU students at universities in England, Wales and Scotland will continue to be treated the same as home students in the first intake after Brexit. These students will be eligible for domestic UK fees for the duration of their study.

London Higher Europe welcomes this action from the Government and through our channels we will continue to push the message that the UK is still not just a viable partner for EU research projects, but a preferred one. With some of the world’s top universities conducting cutting-edge research, we are confident that will continue to work with other European countries to tackle some of the biggest global challenges. We expect this work to continue within the framework of the European research ecosystem.