Universities Minister Reconfirms UK Financial Committment to H2020 Projects

Jo Johnson, UK Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, gave further reassurance this week and re-iterated the Government's financial support to UK universities in H2020 collaborations with European partners.

Emphasising the necessity of cross-border research and innovation for tackling the 'big science' questions of the day, Johnson also reminded audiences that, in practical terms, there are no barriers to forming consortium and bidding for funds with UK partners. 

Speaking at the Instruct ERIC inauguration event in London this week, the minister pointed out that the UK Government has underwritten all successful UK grantees who submitted their application on, or before, the day the UK leaves:


               “As a reminder, under this guarantee, the government has committed to underwrite the funding for all successful bids made by UK participants for Horizon 2020 projects that are submitted before EU exit. We know that research projects can run for some time. That’s why the underwrite covers projects that are ongoing at the point of EU exit, as well as funding that will be applied for before the UK’s departure from the EU and that is subsequently successful post-brexit. This is an important point that I hope is passed through the research community.

We also appreciate that not all Horizon 2020 projects are applied for and funded in the same way. The government’s underwrite will include those schemes not directly administered by the Commission but that award Horizon 2020 funding. It will also include schemes where the application has two stages as long as the first application is submitted before the UK leaves the EU."


‚ÄčThis statement helps to reassure UK and EU research institutes looking for partners in the run up to the release of the new H2020 work programme 2017-2018 that Brexit does not factor into the quality of a proposal ofrthe excellence of scientific research.

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