The Multimedia Yasna (MUYA)

The €2.5 million project led by SOAS Professor Almut Hintze‘The Multimedia Yasna’ (MUYA) will film a performance of the Yasna ritual, transcribe the words which the priests recite, and examine their meaning and how they relate to the ritual actions and to the tradition of the manuscripts.
The research methods for achieving MUYA’s objectives unite cutting-edge approaches from digital humanities, philology and linguistics. These complementary datasets and methods will be used to produce a subtitled, interactive film of the Yasna ritual, and an online platform of transcribed manuscripts and editorial tools together with print editions, translations and commentaries of the Avestan Yasna.
The project was commended for opening Iranian philology to digital humanities and producing unprecedented visual documentation of current ritual practices. These were deemed to be critically important objectives with potential for great impact. The project was also commended for extending far beyond its primary objective of creating a multimedia package for the Yasna ritual, through the integration of the textual and the visual, while at the same time being devoid of any spectacularisation.

Name of Project Contact: Almut Hintze, ah69 @