Dr. Dawn Ellams

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Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Centre for Circular Design. 

Contact: d.ellams@arts.ac.uk 

London Higher Europe engagement: Early Career Researcher Brussels workshop 6-7 December 2017.


Dr Ellams obtained her PhD at Herriot Watt University in 2016 after pursuing her MA and BA at the University of Brighton. She has taken part in numerous panel discussions and international exhibitions on circular design, including presenting at the ‘Wold Craft Council’ in China. 

Research Interests:

Dr Ellams’s work is focused on interdisciplinary research exploring the relationship between science and design in developing circular models for sustainability. Her PhD explored material efficiency within technical and natural cycles. Looking at how we can best use waste products from manufacturing.


Ellams, D., (2015). ‘Colouring Outside the Lines; A cyclical design approach to sustainable coloured fashion & textiles', Futurescan 3: Intersecting Identities, Glasgow School of Art, 11th & 12th November

Ellams, D., Christie, R, M., Robertson, S., (2014) An Approach to Sustainable Coloration of Lyocell Fabrics by Screen Printing using Extracts of Leaves and Bark from Eucalyptus. Journal of Coloration Technology, Vol.130, issue 1, pages 48-53, February

Ellams, D., (2014). ‘Redesigning Denim to reduce the Environmental impact of Production’, TRANSITION: re-thinking textiles and surfaces, University of Huddersfield, 26th and 27th November

Ellams, D., Christie, R, M., Robertson, S., (2013) ‘Better than Beige: Sustainable Colour for Lyocell, Making Futures, Interfaces between Craft Knowledge and Design: New opportunities for social innovation and sustainable practice, Plymouth College of Art, 16th & 17th September

Ellams, D., Christie, R, M., Robertson, S., (2012) ‘Sustainable Colour for Lyocell through Design’ Textile Institute 88th World Conference, Malaysia, 15th to 17th May